Duct Cleaning

How dirty are your Air Ducts?


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Pollutant and Mold Remediation

Does anyone in your home or business suffer from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues? Do they experience headaches, itchy eyes, nausea, etc. when inside? Are there precious pets in the home and/or excessive dust on surfaces and furniture? If so, you may want to consider having your air ducts professionally examined. These and other respiratory symptoms may indicate contaminates or mold in the air ducts. There may be other contributing aspects as well, which could be brought forth with a thorough inspection.


Remember to change your air filters on a regular basis (monthly recommended). Needing to change your air filter more often than once a month may indicate an air quality issue. Make sure your filter fits properly into the holder. A dirty evaporator coil in your air handler can contribute to dirty air ducts. Call us to find out about UV Light Air Purification as additional protection from pollutants.


If there is dust on surfaces throughout your living area or business, then there is probably dust in the air ducts and registers. This dust can be picked up by the airflow through the system, and cause allergy flare-ups. People who have a high reaction to allergens frequently report improvements in quality of life after a proper duct cleaning. It is important to find an honest, professional company to do this work, as there are many companies who use inferior equipment and are not meticulous in their procedures. We do not employ scare tactics or up-selling when servicing our clients.

Air Duct Cleaning Procedures

  • Clean Grills - All supply and return grills will be cleaned. This is the last part of the system the air touches before entering the living area of the home.100%
  • Clean Inside Ducts - A multi-step process is used to dislodge and remove dirt and dust from inside the actual air ducts extending throughout the home.100%
  • Clean Supply Plenum - We clean the main air distribution section, which receives the air from the Air Handler and directs it into the air ducts.100%
  • Sanitize - All parts of the ducting system are sanitized. This helps kill any mold or bacteria that may be thriving in the duct system.100%

Price - $275 for up to 9 Air Ducts. Call today if you have any questions or to set-up an appointment for an inspection or cleaning. Be sure you and your family are breathing healthy clean air.