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EPA studies reflect that the air inside peoples homes is 10x more polluted than the outside air. Why? Modern homes are built to be airtight and energy efficient. Polluted or stale air can be trapped inside the house or business. The list of possible air pollutants includes viruses, pollen, dust, dust mites, CO2, Radon, mildew, mold, and even gas-emitting chemicals such as household cleaning agents and formaldehyde. These can circulate through your AC system, leading to sneezing, allergy outbreaks, flus, colds, headaches, eye & throat irritations, etc.. These pollutants come from various sources. They primarily release chemicals into the air, such as tobacco, building materials, and cleaning solutions. Humidity and excessive heat can also contribute to these problems.

Where biological pollutants may be found in the home or business

Dirty air conditioners

Dirty humidifiers and/or dehumidifiers

Bathroom without vents or windows

Kitchen without vents or windows

Dirty refrigerator drip pans

Dirty heating/air conditioning system windows

Dogs or cats

Unventilated attic

Laundry room with unvented dryer

Carpet on damp basement floor

Closet on outside wall

Water damage (around roof or the basement)

What can you do?